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Screen Replacement

When the screen of your device becomes cracked, damaged, or unresponsive, it can significantly impede your overall user experience. Our screen replacement service is here to address these issues and restore the visual integrity of your device.

Charge Port Repair

Your phone’s charging port is essential for keeping it powered up and running. If your phone is not charging properly, it could be due to a damage computer or laptop are a complex machine . We will check and fixed these kind of issues .

Mobile Unlocking

If you have a phone locked to a specific network, you may need to have it unlocked in order to use it with a different provider. A technician can safely unlock your phone without damaging it, so you can use it with any carrier.

Battery Replacement

The battery is the lifeblood of your phone, and a bad battery can prevent it from functioning properly. If your phone is draining quickly or won’t charge, you may need to replace the battery. Our Technicians will help you to fixed these battery issues .

Camera Repair

If your phone’s camera is not working properly, you may need to have it repaired. This could include replacing the lens, cleaning the sensor, or replacing the entire camera module. Our team will fixed these kind of issues.

Password Recovery

If you have forgotten the password for your mobile phone, a technician can help you recover it. They can reset your password and help you set up a new one, so you can regain access to your mobile device.

Liquid Damage Repair

If your phone has been exposed to any liquid, it is important to act quickly. A technician can assess the damage and determine the best course of action for repair. Our team give best solution for this . Our Technicians will help you to fixed these kind of issues .

Speaker Repair

If you find yourself facing issues with your mobile or iPad speakers, worry not our speaker repair service is here to provide a swift & effective solution. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in diagnosing and fixing problems.

Power Button Repair

Power button issues can be a significant inconvenience, rendering your device unusable or making it difficult to turn on and off. we give repair service is dedicated to resolving these problems efficiently and restoring full functionality to your device.

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